Ricky Caldwell was born in Oxford in 1971, by which time his family had been living in Lafayette County for over a century. He was raised as a member of Shiloh Baptist Church and graduated from North Pontotoc High School. Upon graduating from North Pontotoc High, he attended Northwest Community College to pursue a Forestry Degree which eventually led him to MSU. While in college, he started a family and had his first of Five children. Not long after graduating college, he returned to Oxford and began his long career in the timber industry.

Ricky is an Outdoorsman and would certainly rather be in the woods than in Jackson! However, he is also a staunch Conservative and has spent the last several years becoming heavily involved in the Lafayette County Republican party, even serving on the County Executive Committee. He feels that the Conservative voices of this district are not being represented well, given that the Republican Party IS the party of Conservatism, yet time and again it fails to live up to that. We can and must do better.
As a Christian and a Liberty-Minded Conservative, Ricky believes in the Original Intent of the Constitution, and that it was written to preserve the Rugged American Individualism that made this country great. More importantly, as a Father of Five Children, he understands that our future generations are Mississippi’s most important resource, so we must take steps to restore and reform education. It is our responsibility to ensure our children share in our Founder’s vision for the country.